The Longevity Story

Travis & Mary Jackson
The Founders

Mary & travis

Mary and Travis grew up in Kingston, TN, they now live in South Knoxville, and have been together since high school. Mary started her career in nursing but realized she had a passion for skincare. She started her esthetics career in 2006.

Travis started his massage career in 2000. He quickly made his way to the top of one of Knoxville’s best spas. Becoming a massage manager in 2002 and spa director in 2004. With an understanding of the spa industry and passion for people he helped lead that company for the next 10 years. Travis has been voted best massage therapist on 22 different occasions by 4 different publications.

In 2014 Mary and Travis decided they wanted to open Longevity and deliver what clients really want in the spa industry – An intimate relaxing environment that allows you to escape the world – Even if it’s only for an hour. 

They planned for over a year before they signed their first lease on Northshore. The planning has paid off as Longevity has grown faster than they ever dreamed. They opened their second location December 2017 due to the demand for high quality massage therapy in Knoxville. The Bearden Hill location has allowed Longevity to employee more therapists and offer more availability to Knoxville. 

Travis and Mary uses the first three years with the Northshore location to listen and learn from their guests and what they wanted with the continued growth of their brand. 

Our team

Kay Kay Smith

Kay Kay Smith is a graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage, and was recognized as the most outstanding student in 2006. Kay Kay is nationally certified in Therapeutic massage and bodywork, and has refined her technique in one of the area’s premier spas for the last eight years. Kay Kay’s massage specialties include, but are not limited to, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Hot Stone and Deep Tissue. She has received training in managing chronic pain, Aromatherapy, Basic Lymphatic Drainage and Acupressure for stress relief. For Kay Kay, the most important aspect of massage is listening to and carefully consulting her clients to create a unique massage experience that accommodates their specific needs.

Lora Tuck

Originally from Knoxville, Lora graduated from the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage as their most outstanding student in 2008. Five of her six years as a therapist have been spent at one of Knoxville’s top spas. She is certified in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Pregnancy, Accupressure and Reflexology, among others. By specializing in Sports Massage and Therapeutic Massage, Lora focuses on restoring balance between the mind and body systems.

Ellie Royce

Ellie is a 2013 graduate of Arbor College in Knoxville Tennessee, where she earned a Certificate of Clinical Massage Therapy. While studying at Arbor College, Ellie discovered her passion for understanding the musculoskeletal system. Her skills range from light relaxation to deep therapeutic massage, as well as sports massage and myofascial work. Her goal as a massage therapist is to help her clients achieve improved wellness by decreasing muscle pain and tension, and providing relaxation. She is also dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of massage therapy. 

Devin Heifner
Bearden hill

Devin is a graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. Her skill set ranges from Swedish relaxation massage to deep tissue. She is also trained in hot stone, acupressure, and pregnancy massage. She incorporates many of these modalities in her customized sessions to relieve stress and tension.

As a former athlete herself, Devin specializes in sports massage and therapeutic work to help with healing exercise related injuries and recovery.

Linda Dima

Linda graduated in 2011 after completing the 800 hour Massage Therapy program at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland OR. She specializes in customizing Massage Therapy for each individual client. The modalities Linda specializes in, Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Pre Natal, Cranial Sacral and Ashiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage Certification. 

“I chose to be a Massage Therapist as a way to challenge myself in a new profession that would also compliment my being a Certified Yoga Instructor. I wanted to incorporate more knowledge and better tools to decrease pain and tension in my clients so they could reach a state of well being through greater range of motion.”

Patricia Cable

Patricia has been licensed since 2005 after graduating from the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in Knoxville. She is trained in Swedish, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, therapeutic/deep tissue massage as well as acupressure for stress relief. She most enjoys mixing relaxation along with therapeutic bodywork. “Massage allows me to help a client find relief from pain, tension and stress that they may not otherwise have been able to achieve.” 

Ashley Gentry
Bearden hill

Ashley graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in March 2016. She specializes in Swedish massage, prenatal ,deep tissue and hot stone massage. 

“ I had felt drawn to this path for a couple of years before I made the decision to pursue it. I feel that helping others has always been my calling and it was not until I truly became knowledgeable of the human body and how it operates that I then learned just how much I can help others. The human body is a remarkable machine that requires constant upkeep, filled with a shared energy that us humans all experience. Being a therapist, I have the wonderful opportunity to assist others in the upkeep of the vehicles that carry them as well as to experience the energy shared among the entire human species through touch. To me that is so fulfilling.”

Darren Sprenz
Darren Sprenz
Bearden hill + Northshore

Darren is a graduate from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in Knoxville, TN. He specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage. His passion lies in how massage works on the nervous system and the mind/body connection.

He strives to create an inclusive and nonjudgmental space for all of his clients, and believes the best work is done when one feels safe and heard.

Ricki Robinson
Bearden hill

Ricki graduated from Tennessee school of therapeutic massage. Ricki is certified in deep tissue, table stretching, acupressure, myofascial, prenatal and hot stone therapy. Ricki believes in the power of massage to help her clients recover from the stresses of todays environment. Ricki customizes ever massage to the clients needs and believes that this approach has the best path to recovery.

Owen Kniep
Bearden hill + Northshore

Owen graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in March of 2016. After getting a B.S. in Animal Biology, he decided to switch his path to massage where he felt he could better serve and connect to those around him and his passion for massage is felt by his clients. He specializes in a blend of relaxation and deep tissue massage, looking to bring a balance to the body and the mind of his clients. He also has some training in hot stone, myofascial, trigger point, and sport massage. 

Above all, Owen cares about bringing joy and peace into the lives of those he comes in contact with. I love the peaceful work environment that massage provides and especially bringing relief into the lives of my clients” “All bodies are different and the massage must adapt to the needs of the client”

Mandie Miller
Mandie Miller

Mandie has a specific focus and training in Sports and Therapeutic massage. She also had training in Functional Movement Techniques from RockTape such as Kinesiology Tape and IASTM tools. She has been a therapist since 2012 and is very passionate about her work and all things movement.

Mandie is motivated to help her clients achieve their level of success, and helping them from assessment, to intervention, to recovery.

Abi Wilson
Bearden hill

Abi is a graduate from the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic massage. Abi approaches her clients needs with passion and with the understanding that every massage will be different according the clients lifestyle. 

“I believe that communication is key to providing the best massage experience possible”

Kersten Evans
Bearden hill

Kersten graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in 2012. Kersten specializes in therapeutic deep massage, classic relaxation, hot stone, prenatal, migraine technique, aromatherapy and acupressure. She loves to blend these talents into every massage to give the client a fully customized massage.

Kersten specializes in relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression through massage therapy.  She has completed AMTA courses focusing on massage for anxiety.

Jolene Maurino

Jolene is a graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. She is certified in deep tissue and classic relaxation along with, but not limited to, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy and hot stone massage. Her study in physical therapy assistance, along with a background in Lyengar yoga, has given her a unique compassionate approach to her clients’ needs. 

Her diverse skill set tailors every treatment to each individual need with the goal of facilitating symptom relief, enhanced range of motion and relaxation.

Wendy Besseck
Bearden hill

Wendy graduated from the center of rehabilitative education in Knoxville.  She specializes in swedish, deep tissue, myofascial integration technique, isolated stretching, hot stones, prenatal, TMJ dysfunction, trigger point, and side-lying. She completed additional training at the Douglas J Aveda institute by global instructors for aromatherapy, reflexology, chakra balancing and other Ayurvedic techniques.  She incorporates many of these modalities into a single session to customize the massage for each client’s specific needs.  

“I like being the best part of someone’s day.  Massage is a unique way of breaking down barriers for self-awareness.  More people need to take that breath and know it’s ok to take care of yourself.”  

Jazmon Roberts
Bearden hill

At a young age I have always known that I wanted to be a massage therapist. In elementary school we would hold fund raisers and while everyone else opted to sell candy I sold massages to my teachers. It’s amazing the bond you form with someone based on a touch. After the birth of my son I realized it was time to put my passion to work. I believe that every aspect of a person: body, mind, and spirit can benefit from receiving massage therapy. 

My mission as a LMT is to treat every individual according to their specific needs. I am committed to my personal growth in continued education as a massage therapist to work with my clients to promote their participation in this electric and powerful journey of self healing.

Genevieve Lundquist
Bearden hill

Genevieve specializes in relaxation, deep tissue and therapeutic massage.  I have always had a desire to help those in pain around me but have felt helpless until I discovered the benefits that massage therapy has to offer. It was while receiving massage that it clicked to me that massage truly is something necessary for the bodies healing.

I have seen the power that pain has on someones life. I have also seen the power of massage therapy on the body. It brings me great joy to be a part of the massage therapy world. It is such a wonderful alternative and I hope it will be one of the first options people look to for pain, relaxation, and health.

Caroline Iantosca
Caroline Iantosca
Bearden hill

Caroline is a graduate of the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in Knoxville, Tennessee. A certified yoga instructor, her approach to bodywork is informed by a background in movement and athletics.

She is trained in relaxation massage, deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy and prenatal massage. She is passionate about working with injuries and chronic pain, and empowering her clients on their journey to restoring function and ease of movement to the body through a holistic, hands-on approach to healing.

Lakeesha Smith
Bearden hill

Lakeesha became a massage therapist to find a natural way to heal joint pain. “Many people that are close to me were suffering and I wanted to help them” Lakeesha specializes in Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Bamboo Massage.

Lakeesha is also certified in hot stone and pregnancy massage  “With every massage session I listen to the client to ensure their needs are met as well as educating them so that they may continue their self care routine at home”

Danielle Moore

Danielle is a graduate of Arbor College. She is passionate on being a helping hand in every clients specific need. She specializes in deep tissue and relaxation.

With having a B.S. in Athletic Training and being a former athlete she utilizes the knowledge she has of the body and sports related injuries to give the client a therapeutic experience.

Rhianon Laxton
Bearden hill

Rhianon is a graduate of the Tennessee School of Massage Therapy. Focusing in modalities such as Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy and Swedish massage, she is also trained in Sports Injury Recovery, Pregnancy and Geriatric massage. Her continuing education includes Diabetic massage and Anxiety Disorder massage.

Having worked in rehabilitation, Rhianon takes care in listening to clients and their history to create a specialized session that will meet their goals in recovery relaxation.

“I wanted to be a Massage Therapist because I have a passion for healing the mind and body. Coming from a medical family I wanted to be able to heal and educate my clients from a more natural aspect, and massage therapy has been a perfect field for that mentality.”

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.”
-Shakti Gawain

Kenney Bowers
Kenney bowers
Bearden hill + Northshore

Kenney is a graduate from the Arbor College of massage in Knoxville, Tennessee. After getting a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee, he decided to pursue his passion for helping others through massage therapy. He specializes in deep tissue, athletic needs, and trigger point therapy.

As a former athlete himself, Kenney understands the importance of recovery and prolonged maintenance. Kenney finds joy in the progression of his clients because, while massage therapy is a relaxing experience, he also recognizes the multitude of health benefits. The body is a strong, holistic entity and Kenney wants to help you maintain it.

Josh Bell
Josh Bell
Bearden hill

Josh is a graduate of Arbor College School of Massage. He graduated with honors, sure, but he’s not one to brag about glowing reviews or past accolades. No, Josh is more concerned about the here and now, and how he’ll be using his skills to facilitate a unique massage experience for every client. You may think that Josh is crazy for talking in the third person, but the only thing he’s crazy about is his client’s well-being. Let’s end this with a quote from the man himself: “Your touch is a brand that makes a true impression on people, so make sure that impression imparts good health, good intention, and confidence in your craft.”

Chantel O’Neil
Bearden Hill
Eric Irons
Eric irons
Bearden hill

Eric’s style of massage is a blend of all the modalities he has studied ranging from Swedish, Reiki, Deep Pressure , Acupressure, Trigger Point, TMJ dysfunction and Cranial Sacral.

My goal with each massage session is to deliver what my client needs because those needs can change from session to session. From just basic relaxation to fine tuned trigger point and Deep Pressure work.
I want to always provide the best results with the least amount of pain.

Rebekah Harris lmt
Bearden hill

Rebekah began her study and practice of massage 25 years ago when She realized how much massage was improving her quality of life and easing the chronic pain She experienced from a childhood illness.

I wanted to share the same relief with others. Massage is my small way of giving to others. Each person deals with pain and stress differently, but often it affects the physical body as well as the emotional. I endeavor to understand how your individual body is being inhibited. Then using massage we can work together to help your body deal with pain, anxiety, and stress, assisting it to find balance. This leaves you able to fully enjoy the important things in your life and feel your best while pursuing your dreams.

REst easy

Rest easy in our hands. With expertise and certifications ranging from Sports Massage to Reflexology, one of our licensed therapists is sure to meet your specific needs..

Customized Care

During your visit, a therapist will conduct a thorough consultation to ensure that you receive the appropriate massage modality. Further customize your experience with massage enhancements, lash extensions or a hydrating facial. 

The road to health has never felt less demanding.